March 13th, 2003

Several LuxSci Feature Additions

Auditing: LuxSci now records the IP address from which you login to our member’s portal. You can view the last IP address used to login to your account on your Welcome page, and can view a history of IP addresses used in your “Login History” reports. This type of IP address tracking is a security measure for your benefit.

FTP Bandwidth: Your web hosting bandwidth quota has always implicitly included bandwidth usage by both your web sites AND bandwidth usage from FTP. Up until now, however, we have not been actively monitoring FTP bandwidth usage. Staring with this month, March, 2003, we will be explicitly including your FTP bandwidth usage in our measurement of your total bandwidth usage. You can see the breakdown of FTP vs Web bandwidth usage in your account administration page.

WebMail: You can now choose to have the time a message was sent displayed along with the date it was sent when viewing the list of messages in your WebMail Folders. Simply enable the option “Show the time of day that a message was sent in the message index?” in your WebMail Preferences.

Auto-Responders: Now, if you have any auto-responders enabled, there will be a message to this effect on your Welcome page when you login. This is intended to help you remember to turn off these auto-responders when they are no longer needed.

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