October 15th, 2001

SMTP and Telent Security Changes

We have made the following security-related policy changes:

SMTP Relaying. We now require SMTP Authentication for the sending of email through our email servers. Previously we authenticated outbound email based on a list of approved client IP addresses, but this proved too limiting, cumbersome, and less secure than SMTP Authentication.

Telnet. We no longer support “telnet” shell access. This type of access is very insecure because all usernames, passwords and data is sent as plain text across the Internet. If you require shell access for some reason, we will continue to support access via secure shell (ssh).

The new User Manager tools now give account managers the power to enable or disable access to various services on a per-user basis. These services include: Secure Shell, POP, IMAP, SMTP Relaying, and access to the member’s web site.

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