July 3rd, 2010

Spell Checking Updates for Plain Text Input Fields

LuxSci has enhanced its automatic “spell checking as you type” features with improvements to the spell checking of plain text fields, like the subject lines of email messages, support tickets, the bodies of email messages and WebAide entries composed in plain text, etc.

Separate Preferences for HTML and Plain Text Spell Checking

Now, there are separate preferences for enabling or disabling the use of spell checking as you try for plain-text areas and for HTML editing areas.  Why separate preferences?

  • Many browsers, like Chrome, FireFox, and Safari, have built-in support for spell checking in plain text areas.  Some people may prefer to use the integrated LuxSci spell checking and others may prefer to use their browser’s built in spell checker (which may also be slightly faster, being built into the browser).
  • If you disable the HTML spell checking, you can always re-enabled it “on demand” to spell check what you are currently working on by using the “Enable SCAYT” (Spell Check As You Type) option available when you click on the “ABC” icon in the HTML editor toolbar.

You can configure use of either or both types of spell checking (in HTML and/or plain text areas) as well as your default spell checking language in your Preferences under “General > Behavior” or under “Regional > Language and Time”.

Other changes

  • The automatic plain text and HTML spell checkers will be automatically disabled when you are checking content that has more than 30,000 characters of data in it.  This helps prevent the spell checker from slowing down editing of very large amounts of content.
  • In the near future, we will be releasing updates to the HTML-editor which will make it very fast when editing large amounts of content with automatic spell checking enabled.

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