February 10th, 2009

Stop the Mail! Restrict Users from Emailing to Certain Addresses

LuxSci has supported restricting to whom users can send email messages for quite some time.  However, this implementation behaves like a “locked down allow list”.  I.e. you can set it up so that users can send only to a certain set of addresses and/or domains.  We have had several requests for a feature to allow users to send to anyone except certain addresses or domains (i.e. a recipient deny list).

LuxSci has updated the “Recipient Restriction” settings that can be configured on each domain so that administrators can choose to have any of the following:

  • No restrictions
  • Allow List Style – “Send only to these folks” restrictions
  • Deny List Style – “Send to anyone but these folks” restrictions.

Clients have expressed the desire to use the deny list restrictions to forbid users from sending to public email addresses like “Gmail”, “AOL”, “Yahoo!”, etc.  The administrators can now simply list these domain names in the deny list and restrict users from sending mail to addresses in those domains from WebMail and SMTP.

Administrators can exempt certain selected users from the restrictions altogether; however, it is sometimes necessary for affected users to send email to people in the denied list anyway.  To accommodate this business need, there is also a “Allow-via-Cc” list that can be used.  With the list in use, users can send to any address on the recipient deny list as long as they also send a copy (via To, Cc, or Bcc) to someone on the “Allow-via-Cc” list.  I.e., the intended recipient gets a copy as does the boss or an auditor who will ensure (after the fact) that the message sent to the restricted address is acceptable.

Note that LuxSci also permits restricting from whom users can receive email.

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