December 30th, 2009

Strip Attachments from Email Messages in LuxSci WebMail

Delete AttachmentsLuxSci WebMail now allows users to delete or strip attachments from email message(s), keeping the rest of the email message content. This saves space and makes your email faster.

I.e., lets say that your friend sent you a message and attached 20 pictures.  You could use the “Download all attachments” option to save these pictures in bulk to your computer, then the new “Delete attachments” option to remove them all from the message, keeping online just your friend’s message text and not the sizable attachments.

“Delete Attachments” can be found in the “Message” submenu in WebMail and can be applied to all selected messages — i.e. you can delete attachments from many messages at once.

Note that users can also create custom email filters that auto-delete attachments from messages meeting certain criteria upon arrival to their accounts.

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