October 1st, 2010

Synchronize LuxSci Calendars with External Calendars Automatically!

LuxSci’s WebAide Calendars now support on-demand and automatic import of calendar data from external calendar sources published as iCal files.

If you have a calendar, i.e. from Google or some other company, which is accessible as an iCal file via a web link, then you can now pull that calendar data into your LuxSci WebAide calendars manually or continuously.

On Demand Import

In the “Import” section of your LuxSci Calendar’s Properties page, you can now select “iCal From URL” and enter the web address of your external iCal file.

Select from various options such as: Allow duplicates, replace duplicates, ignore duplicates, delete all entries before importing, importing recurrence, etc., and press “Import”.

This will import all entries from this external iCal file into your LuxSci calendar, just like you were uploading the iCal file directly from your hard drive.

Automated Synchronization

You can enter that same external iCal web address in the “Source URL” field of the “Synchronize” area of your LuxSci Calendar’s Properties page.

Once you have enabled automatic synchronization in this way, the external calendar will be read once every 20 minutes and your LuxSci calendar will be updated to match it.  I.e. this is a one-way synchronization, making your LuxSci calendar include all entries that were in the external calendar and updating any entries that have changed.

Note that entries in your LuxSci calendar that do not correspond to any entries in the external calendar will not be erased.

With automated synchronization, you can now see all of your LuxSci and external events in a unified interface, have them backed up, and synchronized with all of LuxSci’s Calendar synchronization features.

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