July 4th, 2009

Tag Enhancements for Email and Collaboration

LuxSci has released several significant enhancements to its email and WebAides collaboration tools services that enable users to use “tags” more extensively to manage, categorize, and sort through their information.

For a long time, LuxSci has provided users with the ability to use tags to label and color code email messages, address books entries, documents, etc.  For details on LuxSci’s tag usage in general, see:

Tags at LuxSci have been enhanced with the following features.

Tag Email Messages on Delivery via Custom Email Filters

Create custom email filters that match selected inbound email messages, based on whatever criteria you need, and apply one or more tags to these messages when they are delivered to your email folder(s).*

In WebMail, the tags appear on email messages and can be color-coded based on what tags are applied.  In some email programs, like Mozilla Thunderbird, you can also see the tags (IMAP keywords) and can color code messages similarly.

With filters designed to tag messages on delivery, you can have messages delivered to your INBOX or other email folders pre-categorized for you and increasing productivity.

Sort by Tag in WebAides Collaboration Tools

The WebAides Collaboration tools include Calendars, Address Books, Tasks, Blogs, Document Storage, Secure Password Storage, Notes, Links, and User Groups.

Now, in the “list view” of each of these tools, you can sort your entries by the tags applied to them.  You could always search by tag; however, sorting by tag provides a quick and effective means of grouping entries by tag without needing to search first.

To sort by tag, just click on the “Tag” column heading in the user interface.

All Tags Preserved when Copying Email Messages Between Folders

Previously, when copying email messages from one folder to another, the tags on the messages would only be preserved if those tags had previously been used in the new folder.   This is a reason for that — the IMAP specification says it should work that way.  However, in the interest of usability and common sense, LuxSci now preserves all tags* when copying messages from one folder to another.  This is true when using WebMail and when using an email program accessing your email via IMAP.

The preservation of all tags on a message when it is copied or moved to a new folder enhances the consistency of the user experience.  WebAides Collaboration tools have always preserved all tags on entries when they are copied or moved.

* Note that email folders are limited to using at most 30 different tags.  If your folder has 30 tags in use, any attempt to preserve new tags on a copy or to add new tags on delivery of email will fail.  The message will be copied or delivered just fine; however, the tags that are not in the list of 30 already in use will not be applied.  You can edit the tags in use in a folder in the “Folder Properties” area under “Email > My Email Tools > Email Folders”.  This unique tag editor allows you to (a) remove all tags defined on a folder that are not in use by any email messages currently, and (b) to remove selected tags from all messages and from use — thus freeing up space for new tags.

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