April 9th, 2010

Tagging is now Quicker and Easier!

Tagging of email messages and WebAide entries (i.e. contacts, calendar appointments, files, etc) with color-coded keyword and key phrase tags has been a feature of LuxSci for a long time.

However, the latest enhancements of LuxSci’s web interface make it even faster and more natural to tag and untag messages and entries:

  • Clicking on the “Tag” toolbar command now brings up a tag menu.  Clicking on a tag from this menu automatically tags or untags (as appropriate) all currently selected items.  Tagging and untagging items now takes only 2 clicks and is very fast.
  • The “Tag Dialog Box” has been converted from a pop-up window to a fast-loading in-page AJAX dialog box and has been updated to make better use of space.  This dialog box is still used for more advanced tagging operations, like tagging things with newly created tags, adding and removing multiple tags at once, etc.
  • The color-picker used for color coding tags has been revised so that it now includes a selection of gray-scale colors and so that the color options are a little bigger, making them easier to see and click on.
  • When creating new colored tags on the fly, the new colors are now displayed on tagged entries immediately — you no longer need to reload the page to pick up the new color definitions.

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