June 24th, 2014

The Beginning of the New LuxSci Interface

LuxSci is in the process of re-imagining and re-inventing the major components of its web-based user interface …. from the ground up.  We are taking some of the most important feature requests from our customers, together with the newest technologies that have matured over the past few years, and re-designing these major components to be simpler, faster, modern, and slick.

Phase 1: WebMail Composer

The first phase of this process involves a complete re-vamp of our WebMail email composer tool — probably the single most used tool in the entire WebMail interface.  We have:

  1. Made a “pop-in / overlay” composer the default.  E.g. one that appears magically over whatever you are working on
  2. Kept a pop-up window version for those who prefer that (you can set that in your preferences)
  3. Updated the “Widget” version to look and work the same and to support HTML-based composition
  4. Updated the “Mobile Site” version to look and work the same
  5. Revised drag and drop attachments
  6. Revised recipient input
  7. Simplified use of SecureLine for encrypted email messages
  8. Gotten rid of all “tabs” and made the interface simple and quick
  9. Re-designed this interface from the ground up … we did not simply tweak the old interface

Additionally, along with changes to the WebMail composer, we have updated many other small user interface elements and libraries to support these changes and planned changes.

Here is a screen shot of what this composer can look like:

Some of the features of this concise interface include:

  1. Send button always prominent at the top left
  2. Choice of From Address / Signature
  3. Button to easily toggle between regular and encrypted messages (SecureLine)
  4. Button to add attachments (You can also drag and drop then as long as you are not using old versions of Internet Explorer)
  5. Button to open and search your address book
  6. Button to Save as Draft
  7. Settings and Commands drop-down menus for adjusting your message properties, as needed
  8. Recipient lines with auto-complete suggestion from your address books, visual indications of security, automatic validation, and display of recipient names instead of email addresses inline.  Cc and Bcc lines available as needed.
  9. Seamless toggling between text, HTML, and advanced HTML composition modes
  10. Attachments visible at the bottom of the message display; attachments easily removable
  11. Quick access to message templates, attaching files from WebAides document storage, etc

Almost all of the features of the old LuxSci WebMail Composer remain, but are now streamlined.

Try it out in Beta

The LuxSci WebMail redesign is so pervasive, that we are doing it in phases and releasing each phase as a “Beta Preview” so those who are interested can try it out before it goes “live” and becomes a new standard part of the LuxSci interface.

To try out the current Beta version of LuxSci, simply login to:


using your regular LuxSci username and password.  Use this beta site at your own risk. By the very nature of “Beta” software, it may contain bugs and issues that could affect the integrity and/or security of your data.  For example, for security reasons, we are currently restricting HIPAA compliant paid accounts from logging into the Beta version of LuxSci.   You may request a Free Trial to test the Beta.

If you do use the Beta site and find a bug or have a suggestion, please make a Support Ticket and our development staff will review.

Please note:

  1. If you have a problem with the Beta site, you can always use the Live site: https://webmail.luxsci.com
  2. The Beta software will eventually replace the Live software
  3. While we appreciate all suggestions, not all suggestions will be incorporated into updates to the Beta versions.  Some will be deferred until a later date.  Some may be discarded as things that we are not willing to consider implementing.
  4. The Beta site is merely a single server setup for previewing the new software.  It is not designed for large numbers of concurrent users or resiliency in case of hardware failure, etc.  As such, we do not recommend that everyone switch over and continuously use the Beta site as their new main interface.
  5. The Beta site may be taken offline periodically for updates and changes; it may also have new software installed on it frequently, causing very short outages.

What is Next?

LuxSci has a long list of things that it plans on revising in successive phases over the next 6-12 months.  These include:

  1. WebMail Searching and Speed: Speeding up WebMail and WebMail searches.  Implementing Multi-Folder searches
  2. WebMail List View
  3. WebAide Interfaces: Calendars, Address Books, Tasks, Blogs, Documents, Passwords, Links, Notes, Groups
  4. WorkSpaces and Widgets

Each one of these is a significant project to redesign and updates will be made available via the Beta site for each phase as they are ready.  Check our FYI Blog, Facebook, and Twitter for announcements.

Welcome to the beginning of the new LuxSci!

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