December 6th, 2016

Upcoming Changes to Hosted MySQL Remote Access

Starting this weekend, LuxSci will be rolling out security changes that will lock down remote access to hosted MySQL databases. In particular, it will no longer be possible to connect directly to your hosted MySQL database from a remote location (i.e. from a computer or server outside of LuxSci’s hosted infrastructure) without an additional step. This change hides hosted MySQL databases from remote scans and attacks and also aligns with security lockdowns required for PCI compliance and other best practices.

LuxSci already locks down remote MySQL access on most accounts so that it is only available over SSL or VPN tunnels. This change takes things a step further and completely removes the MySQL servers from remote visibility.

This change will NOT have any impact on you if your hosted MySQL database is accessed:

  • From the tools in LuxSci’s Web interface
  • From a Web site that you host with LuxSci
  • Remotely over a VPN connection to LuxSci’s systems

This change WILL affect you if:

  • You (are a legacy customer) and remotely connect to your database to port 3306 without a VPN, or
  • You connect to your database remotely through an SSL tunnel to port 5001

If this change affects you, then your access to your MySQL databases will be severed once the changes go into effect. The work arounds for affected individuals are to:

  • Get a VPN license from LuxSci and connect to your database though the LuxSci VPN, or
  • If your database is on a dedicated server, then we can allow-list your IP address(es) so that you can continue to connect in the same way that you always have.This option is not available to customers on shared servers, for security reasons.

If you have any questions, please contact LuxSci support.

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