October 15th, 2001

User Management Capabilities Expended

Our user management tools have been greatly expanded. You can now add new users to your account (provided you have space in your user quota), delete users from your account, disable users, enable users, and edit users. All of these actions can be performed by you at any time without help from support.

View/Edit users: Update the user’s contact information. Change the user’s entitlements. Give users and optional disk space limits.

Disable users: Temporarily prevent a user from accessing ANY services.

User Quotas: New optional user-level disk space limits allow you to prevent a user from using too much disk space. If the user exceeds his or her disk space limit, the user is penalized by being denied access to SMTP Relaying, FTP, and SSH services. Any incoming email for that user will not be delivered, but bounced back to the sender. The user will not be allowed to upload files using the File Manager. WebMail will no longer save copies of sent email the user’s sent-mail folder.

Change User Passwords: If you have the need to manage the passwords for the users of your account, then we can entitle you to be able to change any of their passwords through the User Manager.

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