July 5th, 2012

We Believe in Individualized Solutions

Is your organization the same as everybody else?  Are some of your processes or requirements a little unusual or non-standard?  Would you appreciate it if someone knowledgeable could talk to you, understand what you are trying to accomplish, and setup a solution that does exactly that — without making you buy a lot of stuff that you don’t need?

LuxSci does … and we always have.

Many options and tweaks for many requirements

LuxSci really is a premium, boutique service provider … we constantly interact with our customer base and interested parties to see the vast landscape of what people need.  We believe that our expertise allows us to develop individualized solutions for many of these organizations and that that process expands the scope of our products and the range of what we can offer to everybody.

The result? A vibrant and fast feedback loop:

  1. Interesting new features added frequently based on customer requests
  2. Open minded staff willing to listen to what customers ask for and to escalate and prioritize the best ideas so that they get implemented quickly.
  3. Avenues where customers can pay modest consulting rates to expand LuxSci’s feature set in ways that they desire, which we might not otherwise implement quickly.
  4. An ever expanding feature set with an increasing capacity for customization.
A belief in flexibility resulting in a wide range of services, features, and “knobs”  put you in control of your email and web services in a way that no other provider does.

Knowledgeable Guidance

Yes, many features and many options can be daunting at times … that comes with the territory.  Anything sufficiently robust that it can meet the needs of many people will involve some complexity — but not necessarily too much.  That said, we strive to simplify and make services as easy as possible for our customers to use.

LuxSci believes that you should have knowledgable, helpful support that is available when you need it.  Real people, trained people, experienced people, [not zombies] ready to understand your issues, advise you, and solve the problem.

  • Our Technical Sales staff is as knowledgeable about the inner workings of our products as many of the higher tier technical support staff.  They can listen to you and advise you as to exactly what you need and why.
  • Our Technical Support staff picks up where sales leaves off to provide timely, accurate, and friendly support with using our services and with solving other related problems that can arise.
If we don’t provide a good experience and help you get your work done, we know you will go elsewhere.  We want to make sure that you have no reason to do so.

Only Buy What You Need

Why should you have to pay an inflated price for a package of services containing things that you do not use or need?

In order to super-simplify the purchase process, most companies group all of their services into a few buckets — you have 3 or 5 choices and have to pick one and that’s it.  While, this does “simplify” things and makes the checkout process faster, LuxSci believes it is better to give customers the option to buy only what they need. Why?  So customers Save:

  • Cheaper – The cost can be lower by not having to pay for things that you will never use
  • Simpler – The service can be simpler by not having to show options and controls for services that you don’t care about

Of course, should you later decide that you “wished” that you had purchased something, LuxSci allows you to upgrade and add almost anything at any time — so you can add services and features and capacity as needed, saving money along the way.

LuxSci believes in the “a-la-carte” model and our knowledgeable staff are happy to help you decide what to put on your plate.  Its not the industry standard, but we do believe it is better.

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