January 23rd, 2003

WebMail and Email Filter Features

WebMail: Reverse the order headers are displayed in your email message index! Now, with the new preference “Display message headers in reverse order?” in your WebMail Preferences page, you can reverse the order in which messages are displayed in your message index pages. In this way, for example, your new messages would be displayed at the top of the list rather than at the bottom, and you would view the beginning of the message list rather than the end by default. This is provided to allow people can choose the message sorting style that they are most comfortable with.

Email Filters: Filter messages that have attached files with specified extensions like *.exe and *.vbs. Our Custom Email Filter Tool supports finding and filtering messages based on the filenames of included attachments. See the Email Filter tool’s help pages for a recipe to implement this type of filter.

WebMail: You can now sort your messages by size, read vs. unread status, and flagged vs. unflagged status. You can also use the new “Attach More…” button to add more attachments to your email message. By repeating this process, you can add any number of attachments to a single email message.

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