March 19th, 2010

WebMail Gets Wings

Faster WebMail access!  LuxSci’s WebMail solution has been enhanced to make access to email folders much faster. The response time and usage of WebMail is now much closer to that of a desktop email program.

How did we do it? In addition to recent hardware upgrades, we have implemented some aggressive data “caching” mechanisms to make sure that your message data is ready for you when you want it.  This includes:

  • Pre-caching: As soon as you access an email folder’s status, i.e. from your login Welcome page or from WebMail itself, LuxSci’s Web Mail application will automatically (and in the background) read the contents of your folder and get it ready for quick access.  Thus, when you go check your folder or page among your messages, the messages will likely have already been prepared for you and access to them will be very fast.
  • Long-term caching: LuxSci’s WebMail application keeps your cached message data ready for you for up to 7 days after your last access to each folder.  So even if you do not check your email for a few days, when you return access will remain fast.
  • Progress Feedback: When WebMail requires time to process your email message data before displaying it to you (i.e. because it is the first time you have accessed a folder in a long while, or because the folder is very large), you will see a progress bar that gives you visual feedback on the progress of that operation.  No more wondering “how long is this going to take?”
  • Unread Messages: Determining the number of unread messages in a folder has been optimized to be up to 35x faster.  This makes folder status checks much quicker and lighter on the system overall.

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