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Case Study: Securely Email Medical Laboratory Results to Patients

Tuesday, August 17th, 2021

Medical laboratories use LuxSci’s secure services to email lab test results to patients. Although medical laboratories are not always HIPAA Covered Entities themselves, they are Business Associates with hospitals and doctors who are required to abide by HIPAA. By the “transitive” nature of the HIPAA privacy laws, Business Associates must abide by HIPAA security and privacy standards, protect patient data, and ensure confidentiality.

email lab results

In order to send patients their results via email, these labs must use a HIPAA-compliant system that can send email to anyone with an email address. We work with labs to securely send Covid-19 test results, cancer screening results, and many other kinds of medical test results via email.

This post describes how one large medical lab uses LuxSci’s Secure High Volume Email sending service to safely deliver lab results to thousands of people every day.

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Can You Send ePHI in Insecure Emails and Texts with Mutual Consent?

Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

Email and text messaging are among the most common forms of business communication. However, if you are sending ePHI, regular texts and emails are off limits! If you are subject to HIPAA regulations, you will need mutual consent from your patients before sending ePHI insecurely via these methods.

This may seem frustrating because text and email are easy and switching to a secure service can feel like a lot of work. However, when ePHI is mishandled it can have significant repercussions. Personal information can be stolen, made public, and even used in fraud.

Text messaging and normal email carry significant risks to ePHI, because they aren’t designed to be secure. While it is best to only send ePHI over secure services, there may be instances where the patient wants to communicate over these insecure methods. Because of the risks, your organization needs signed mutual consent waivers to proceed with insecure communication.

Does HIPAA Allow Mutual Consent?

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HIPAA-Compliant Web Sites: Requirements and Best Practices

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

It is not easy to create a HIPAA-compliant web site and webmasters often ask us for clarification on best practices when it comes to HIPAA compliance.

We have previously discussed what makes a web page secure and also what makes a web site HIPAA-compliant, but it seems that an explainer on what you should and should not do with web sites in shared and dedicated environments would be useful to many.

hipaa compliant web site

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What Are Your Goals for Sending HIPAA-Compliant Emails?

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

…and how Do They Influence Which Provider You Choose?

So, you’ve heard that you need to send HIPAA-compliant emails. Maybe your company is only just starting to send ePHI in its messages. Perhaps it just wants to be extra careful, and limit the potential repercussions if ePHI is accidentally sent in an email. It could have even been skirting HIPAA regulations all along, and has suddenly realized the error of its ways.

Whatever led you up to this point, you are doing the right thing by looking for a HIPAA-compliant email provider. But the regulations and the services that have been developed to abide by them can be complex, so it’s important to do your research and carefully think through your decision.

hipaa compliant email sending

Secure email sending

On top of making sure that a potential service meets your compliance and security needs, you also need to consider the goals of your HIPAA-compliant email sending. Obviously, we can’t tell you what your goals are, but we can give you some suggestions that will help you refine them.

Are You Intending to Send ePHI, or Do You Just Want a HIPAA-Compliant Service to Be Careful?

Some organizations may want to directly email ePHI to their patients, so they need to focus on how they can do this effectively, while keeping both their patients and their businesses safe. For example, a doctor’s clinic may want to offer to send out test results via email.

Due to the high risk of exposing this information, it will probably want to opt-out encryption, rather than opt-in. Measures like this can significantly reduce the chances of accidentally sending out unprotected ePHI.

In contrast, other companies may only want to send ePHI on rare occasions, so they may find opt-in encryption more convenient. The point is that every organization has its own set of requirements, and they need to find a suitable email service for their individual circumstances.

Some will want a service that is tightly locked down to limit their risks, while others May have a high risk tolerance.

Do You Plan on Using It as Your Everyday Email Service, or for High Volume Messaging?

If you just want a HIPAA-compliant email service for everyday use, something like LuxSci’s Secure Email is a great option. Alternatively, if your main goal is to send out emails in bulk, you will need something like our Secure High Volume Sending.

Do You Want to Send Transactional Messages, Marketing Emails, or Both?

As obvious as it seems, marketing emails are messages that are mainly sent out for marketing purposes. These include newsletters and product updates. On the other hand, transactional emails are those that are essential for customer interactions with the company. Many different things qualify as transactional emails, from onboarding messages, to password resets, to receipts, and much more.

Savvy companies don’t just see transactional emails as a bland part of conducting business. Instead, they use them as opportunities to add in a little marketing for their products, services, or simply overall brand awareness.

Before you make your decision on an email platform, you should consider how you want to use the service, and which solutions cater best to those needs.

Do You Have an In-House Graphic Designer, or Do You Need Intuitive & Professional-Looking Templates?

If your company has its own graphic designer, or the budget to outsource it, then it may not need beautiful email templates. Not every organization has those resources on hand, and many just want something that looks good without having to put in a lot of effort. Your company’s current setup and goals will influence whether you look for a HIPAA-compliant email provider that offers these ready-made templates.

Do You Need Analytics that Help You Measure the Effectiveness of Your Campaigns?

If your goal is to have the most effective campaign possible, then you need to measure everything. Of course, this is only possible with a marketing service that has a comprehensive analytics platform. LuxSci’s Secure Marketing solution offers A/B testing, which allows you to compare two different approaches to see which is best.

It also features a range of reports that tell you who opened emails, what they clicked on, the bounce rate, whether messages were marked as spam, and much more. If you need this type of in-depth knowledge in your email campaigns, it will be an important factor in which email service you ultimately end up choosing.

LuxSci’s HIPAA-compliant email services aim to combine the functional features you need for high performance, alongside the security mechanisms required to stay within the regulations. Together, these provide adaptable services for those in the healthcare sector and for other businesses that deal with ePHI.

When Should You Send ePHI in Your Marketing Emails?

Monday, July 20th, 2020

secure marketing email from LuxSci

If you operate in the healthcare sector, you should always be wary of your organization’s electronic protected health information (ePHI). One of the most complicated situations involves email marketing, because carelessly sent messages can easily lead to HIPAA violations and their costly ramifications.

Because of this danger, you should only send ePHI in your marketing messages under certain conditions:

When Using a HIPAA-compliant Email Marketing Service

If you want to send ePHI in your marketing emails, you will need a HIPAA-compliant marketing service. If you send ePHI through Mailchimp or its equivalents, the messages won’t be encrypted or compliant with the regulations.

Because email is so inherently insecure by nature, using a normal email marketing service makes it easy for hackers to access ePHI in messages. They can intercept the messages, then use the data to commit a range of crimes.

The result? Sending ePHI over one of these services can lead to your organization violating the privacy of everyone whose sensitive data was sent. Not only is this a shocking breach of their rights, but it leaves you open to damages from fraud, extortion and other crimes.

Each instance/email also counts as a HIPAA violation for your company. These can result in huge fines, disruption to business, harm to your company’s reputation and even jail time in the most egregious offenses.

Unless your company is hellbent on its own destruction, it must use a HIPAA-compliant email marketing service when sending ePHI in its messages.

The Features of a HIPAA-compliant Email Marketing Service

If you need to send ePHI in your marketing emails, LuxSci’s HIPAA-compliant Secure Marketing tool is the perfect fit. It combines a state-of-the-art marketing interface with all of the necessary HIPAA-compliant measures to safely send ePHI.

With easy-to-use and beautiful design templates, A/B testing, analytics tools and everything else you need to run a successful marketing campaign, Secure Marketing is an excellent solution for organizations in the health industry.

Protect Your ePHI with Opt-out Encryption

If you plan to regularly send ePHI, make sure you use the opt-out encryption feature in our HIPAA-compliant Secure Marketing service. When you use the opt-out feature to set up encryption by default, then the worst case scenario is that someone sends a message that’s needlessly encrypted. Sure, it might be a little more difficult for the recipient to access, or you might have to send through an unencrypted version as well, but no major damage is done.

Now, compare this to the opposite scenario. Let’s say that one of your staff members creates an email that includes ePHI – perhaps it’s some test results from a patient’s latest psychiatric evaluation. In a moment of forgetfulness, the employee forgets to encrypt the message before they send it.

If it hasn’t been encrypted, then the patient’s family members could read it on an unlocked device. Hackers could also intercept it and blackmail the person, or use the sensitive data for identity theft and other types of fraud.

The point is that such a simple mistake can easily become a HIPAA violation, something that could have disastrous effects for the individual, as well as the company responsible. It’s pretty clear that this outcome is far worse than sending a needlessly encrypted message.

When Should You Avoid Sending ePHI in Marketing Emails?

You shouldn’t send ePHI in any situation where there isn’t a serious benefit to your patients or your company. Even though ePHI can certainly be secured with tools like LuxSci’s Secure Marketing, why bother sending out such sensitive data for no major gain?

Of course, it goes without saying that you should also avoid sending ePHI in your marketing emails if you don’t have the appropriate HIPAA-compliant tools. If you really need to send ePHI in your messages, subscribe to a suitable service that gives you the business advantages of email marketing campaigns, without having to constantly worry about violations.