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Outlook WebAideSynch Plugin v3.0 Released

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

The latest version of LuxSci’s WebAideSynch tool has finally arrived — version 3.0! With this update, our powerful Outlook plug-in now boasts support for synchronizing your Outlook Task data with LuxSci WebAides, in addition to the already implemented Calendar and Address Book capabilities. WebAideSynch 3.0 also addresses many bugs and technical issues from previous versions, making it the most robust update yet.

Outlook WebAideSynch is available to all users of our Enterprise WebAides.

New Outlook Plugin For Synchronizing Address Books

Saturday, November 12th, 2005

LuxSci’s new “WebAideSynch for Outlook” is a powerful synchronization tool allowing Enterprise WebAide-licensed users with Microsoft Outlook versions 2002 and later to synchronize their Outlook contacts with shared LuxSci Address Books at the click of a button. Upcoming versions of WebAideSynch will also allow users to synchronize their shared Outlook calendars and task lists with LuxSci. WebAideSynch is a COM add-in that integrates directly into the Outlook toolbar upon installation, making it easy to synchronize your data in a matter of moments.