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Account Administration Updates

Sunday, May 1st, 2005

LuxSci has made several enhancements to its account administration tools. These include:

  • Account administrators can now view and modify their users’ General WebMail Preferences in their user management pages.
  • The monthly account bandwidth usage report available to web hosting clients in the Reports page now shows the monthly relative contribution of FTP bandwidth and HTTP bandwidth to the overall bandwidth usage.
  • We have added a new section to accounts’ billing information page. For accounts who have opted into automatic credit card payments, this section shows you what billing information was used, who opted into these payments, and when. It also allows you to update the email address and phone number associated with these automated payments and to terminate these payments.
  • WebMail Session Timeouts:¬†Up to now, WebMail sessions have had a 2 hour timeout. I.e. if you are idle for 2 hours or more, you need to re-login before performing a new action. Now, in their advanced account administration page, account administrators can change this timeout to be anywhere from 5 minutes to 8 hours. Users can also configure their own personal WebMail session timeouts in their General WebMail Preferences; this personal timeout will override the account-wide one. However, account administrators can force these personal timeouts to be equal or less than their global timeout if security policies require it.